Your way to decarbonisation and energy efficiency

Decarbonisation is the process of reducing carbon and greenhouse gas emissions released into the environment. To effectively reduce harmful gas emissions into the atmosphere, it is essential to convert fuel energy to renewable energy and minimise waste through continuous CO2 monitoring.

How is a Decarbonisation Plan Carried Out?

Decarbonisation involves reducing fuel energy use over time and implementing sustainable measures at corporate, local, and global levels. Businesses can take two main ways to decarbonization:

  1. Switch to Renewable Energy: renewable energy can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 80% by 2050. Transitioning to green energy sources such as wind, photovoltaics, or biomass is therefore crucial.
  2. Reuse Wasted Energy: Veil energy focuses on uncovering hidden energy, particularly from industrial waste heat, which can be recirculated to eliminate energy waste. This approach can improve energy efficiency by up to 30%.

Become a Decarboniser

Implementing decarbonisation actions is more straightforward than you might think. Key steps include:

  • Reducing Fossil Fuel Consumption: Shifting to alternative energy sources wherever possible.
  • Reusing Waste Energy: Utilizing waste energy from processes to boost efficiency.
  • Adopting Renewable Sources: Incorporating solar, wind, and biomass energy.
Veil Energy provides state-of-the-art energy efficiency management software to help implement these actions effectively.

The Concrete Goal of Decarbonisation

The ultimate objective is to maintain global warming below 1.5°C compared to pre-industrial levels. Achieving this requires global commitment and comprehensive strategies to reduce climate change impacts.

Promoting Global Decarbonisation

While installing energy monitoring and efficiency systems is a crucial first step, it is insufficient alone. Real-time management tools are essential to enhance collected data and achieve concrete decarbonisation goals. Additional measures include reducing combustion vehicle usage, monitoring energy use, improving building energy efficiency, and promoting sustainability across all sectors.

Veil Energy is dedicated to leading the charge in energy efficiency and sustainability, offering practical tools and innovative solutions to meet today’s decarbonisation challenges.