Thermoelectric Generators

Thermoelectric Modules (TEM) are solid-state devices that convert heat directly into electricity without moving parts. TEMs are the key components of thermoelectric generators (TEG), which also include heat exchangers and electrical components for power conditioning.


Sirio allows the heat from high temperature (> 350°C) gas streams to be converted into electricity. It can be integrated into new heat generators or retrofitted after heavy-duty internal combustion engines, industrial boilers and furnaces. The electricity generated can be consumed on site or exported to the grid. Sirio is a CHP generator because it produces low temperature heat as an output in addition to electricity.


Designed to recover waste heat from steel mills, furnaces and industrial cooling tunnels, Urano generates electricity and hot water from high-temperature radiant surfaces and components. Urano features a custom design to maximise electrical production without impacting on the manufacturing process.


Cameeno is our first TEG designed for non-industrial users. The generator can be installed on the chimney of a stove to recover residual heat from the exhaust gases producing 5-12 Vdc electrical power. Cameeno could be coupled to small inverters and connected to the grid to reduce the building’s grid dependency. The system does not require cooling sources since are self-cooled by fans, which also contribute to heat dissipation into living spaces.

Organic Rankine Cycles (ORC)

Organic Rankine Cycles (ORC) are systems capable of recovering low-grade heat from liquid and gaseous streams for electricity generation. The temperature of the fluid streams typically ranges from 80 to 600 °C. Compared to TEGs, ORC generators allow higher energy production, but are more complex and expensive.

ORC generators

Veil energy proposes ORC generators from guaranteed European manufacturers and assists the customer in the selection, installation and maintenance of the systems.

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