Solid State Heat Pumps

Solid-state heat pumps are based on Peltier thermoelectric cells. These systems are capable of producing cooling without the use of environmentally harmful refrigerants, while maintaining low cost, size and weight. VEIL energy manufactures high-performance off-the-shelf and customised heat pumps suited for food, medical, marine and automotive markets.


Designed for boats and yachts, the Oceaneezer is a five-sided transparent box for the refrigeration of wines and spirits. Thanks to its simple and sophisticated design, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, is portable and can be powered by 12 or 24 Vdc. Oceaneezer expresses VEIL energy’s philosophy of efficiency and sustainability in the marine environment.


The V-Freezer incorporates high efficiency Peltier cells to preserve pharmaceuticals and vaccines during transport and delivery. Our container freezer is suitable for vans and trucks and guarantees a maximum cooling temperature of -25°C at 20°C ambient temperature. The power unit is always active to ensure high standards of preservation and can be powered from the van/truck electrical system, batteries or the mains (when parked). V-Freezer is designed to transport perishable products in an environmentally friendly way.

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