e-boost for hydroelectric power plants provides real-time information on the current operating data and the technical condition of the entire plant. All data is visualized in a dashboard and stored in the cloud. This can be done for individual plants, but also in interaction with other types of energy production.

Our intelligent algorithms detect anomalies and propose solutions or organize the emergency management. They also facilitate maintenance planning by replacing the right components at the right time through the “VEIL Predictive Maintenance Program”. Failure risks are thus minimized, utilization times are maximized.

Data that can be captured:

  • Performance
  • Flow rate
  • Drop heights
  • Performance Data Flow rate Fall height/performance
  • Operating data from the plant such as temperatures and pressures
  • Vibrations
  • all available data of the turbine mechanics
  • Water levels of rivers or water reservoirs
  • Degree of rake soiling
  • Video surveillance of the plants (option)

The performance data are continuously subjected to a target-performance comparison. In addition, the system operator has access to historical data as well as billing data and statistics at any time.