With e-boost we monitor your biogas plant and not only do we keep an eye on your CHP and allow for predictive maintenance of the engine, but we also keep an eye on all electrical consumers and can implement predictive maintenance and uncover previously hidden savings potentials.

In the case of the CHP, we monitor and analyse in real time all the values supplied by the engine control unit, which enables us to carry out predictive maintenance, because we notify before damage occurs

We monitor all agitators in real time and can therefore warn before a failure occurs. In addition, we optimize the agitator times to enable significant power savings.

In e-boost, the input materials can be recorded and an input material diary is automatically created, from which our algorithms determine the biogas production.

With our NOx sensor we record the exhaust gas values and provide the legally required nitrogen oxide certificates

All pumps are continuously monitored so that wear is visible at an early stage and damage can be prevented