e.boost, the energy efficiency software

Wherever energy is produced and/or consumed, there is an opportunity to apply the ‘EEM Energy Efficiency Management Tool‘. That is, our e.boost, an energy efficiency software that acquires and processes data in real time.

What is e.boost

Our advanced management tool for prosumer systems processes and analyses energy efficiency data taking into account future scenarios and results. It is a system designed by Veil Energy for:

  • Municipalities and utilities
  • Industries
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Single installations

The systems available are modular and adaptable to the specific needs of the user, who will thus have a perfectly usable energy efficiency software, even in the absence of specialised personnel on staff.


When approaching us for energy efficiency software, the customer is provided with assistance in the choice through a list of possible interventions. We give the possibility to solve specific requests through customised configurations aimed at saving energy and money, so that the environmental impact is also reduced. This means having a system designed specifically for your needs, and therefore as efficient as possible. 

How Energy Efficiency Software Works

Complex systems acting as prosumers, i.e. as producers and consumers of energy together, need efficient management of this most precious resource. We at Veil Energy aim to make this easier for companies in Italy and beyond. Those who produce electricity or from renewable sources; thermal or electrical energy prosumers; transport systems of all kinds can benefit from the simple and intuitive e.boost system. 


Here is how our energy efficiency software works in detail: the system collects endogenous data such as the amount of energy produced and consumed and processes it together with exogenous data such as ID and PGM markets or weather. In special situations, if necessary, webcams and additional sensor instruments are installed for even more accurate calculations. 

What is the purpose of energy efficiency monitoring?

The e.boost system processes data in a way that gives the company complete control over the energy produced and consumed over a given period of time. This makes it possible to make management decisions; modify certain production equipment; check the health of machinery; identify which parts of the process can be made more efficient. All these parameters are extrapolated into periodic reports that can be consulted at any time. Clear and explicit KPIs and alarms that are triggered when a machine or production area is suffering make the strengths and weaknesses of the entire process clear. But what are the purposes of all this?


Having energy efficiency software like this in the company, which produces a maintenance calendar and data reports that are easy to understand, helps the whole process. At managerial level, decisions can be made to reduce environmental impact and cut costs and waste. The individual worker, on the other hand, is clear about when the machine needs maintenance and can schedule breaks in the use of machinery in a smart way. 


Titel: e.boost: unsere Dienstleistungen – Veil Energy

Beschreibung: Eine Software zur Bewertung der Energieeffizienz von Unternehmen, die Daten in Echtzeit erfasst und verarbeitet. Entdecken Sie den Service von Veil Energy!

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I sistemi disponibili sono modulari e adattabili alle esigenze specifiche dell’utente.

Al cliente viene fornita assistenza nella scelta tramite un elenco di interventi possibili. Inoltre vi è la possibilità di venire incontro alle sue richieste specifiche attraverso configurazioni personalizzate e mirate al risparmio energetico ed economico, così da ridurre anche l’impatto ambientale.

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