Condition monitoring

Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance are two key elements of a more sustainable life for businesses. Specific smart sensors, as well as new ways of combining classic monitoring quantities, make it possible to predict maintenance times and prevent errors and breakdowns, with enormous advantages both from an environmental and an economic point of view.

What does applied condition monitoring mean

It is the monitoring of the “health” conditions of machinery, applied to small, medium and large companies. Thanks to our e.boost software, it is possible to make the entire production system more efficient and less onerous from an environmental point of view. Periodic reports on the conditions of the machinery and smart calendars for scheduling interventions allow constant maintenance.

This increases the quality and lifespan of the machinery used in industrial processes, which allows the company to save money and also pollute less. In fact, a machine subjected to condition monitoring will be less likely to release toxic gases, because as soon as a critical issue is identified, the system detects it and allows maintenance to be organised. In this way, the company reduces both production slowdowns and costs for larger breakdowns.

Asset condition monitoring management: how to do it?

Efficient maintenance cannot take place without first checking the current situation. Veil Energy offers asset condition monitoring management, i.e. a service that checks the starting conditions of the machinery and then evaluates the most suitable machine condition monitoring system, which can be easily managed internally.

In this way, the company continues in a completely autonomous way with the management of its machines subject to constant monitoring. It can prevent breakdowns, intervene promptly when something goes wrong and plan maintenance operations to extend the life of your precious work tools. However, Veil Energy remains available to companies to suggest methods and tools that make their machines greener.

The ultimate goal: green building energy systems

Applied to both machinery and energy systems, condition monitoring affects the overall sustainability of the industrial process at all levels. It can in fact be installed on complex industrial machinery, but also on the boiler that manages office heating or on the electrical switches and solar panels that supply energy to the entire company.

Those who rely on us and on machine condition monitoring get real green building energy systems, which optimize the use of energy inside the machinery and throughout the production process. This improves the efficiency of the machines, reduces waste and consumption and guarantees a long life for your systems and machinery. At the same time, the safety of male and female workers is also ensured by the continuous monitoring of any failures or errors that could jeopardize it. Ultimately, by installing an on condition monitoring system, the company obtains:


  • cancellation or reduction of the slowdown times of the production process;
  • reduction of machine maintenance costs;
  • lower energy consumption;
  • improved performance of all systems;
  • a more sustainable and secure environment.

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